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    Ellamy Studios Limited

    Ellamy Studios Limited is owned and operated by Louis Bernstone. It is based around the idea of musical performance and the studio as an instrument for sound creation. With rooms designed by John L Sayers, the acoustics are great for live performance of up to 4 musicians. Fully equipped with vintage musical instruments, microphones, and audio processing gear, and the most modern up to date recording technologies, literally any sound is achievable.

    However the overriding ethos that we work by is that the song is king, and we serve the song. To this end Louis is a very experienced producer (2 top 20 albums) and engineer (various number one, and top 20 projects), and songwriter who can help you achieve what it is you hear in your head. We don’t expect you to conform to any particular trend or genre, just express your music in the most honest, and creative, way possible.

    Give Louis a call to discuss your ideas, or better yet, arrange to pop round for a coffee or a beer and a chat.